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Sanford Baker

Dr. Sanford Baker (Nick Toth) is a plastic surgeon and the head of the household. He loves golf, and has a mistress on the side. In the first season his mistress was Sheila, and in the second it was Verna. Nick Toth has had parts in The American President and Martian Go Home. On TV he has appeared in Mad About You, Beverly Hills 90210, and Evening Shade, just to name a few. He has had a recurring roll on Dharma & Greg, playing "Society Dave".   More recently, Nick appears in the "Adventures of Rocky & Bulwinkle" movie trailer, and does voice over work for Dharma & Greg.  He can also be seen on-camera in commercials for Papa John's Pizza and Lexus.  Nick appears in the new Formerly Famous pilot. He has  a recurring role on Days Of Our Lives as neurosurgeon , Dr Alan James.   He has also guest stars on  The Practice and Felicity. Nick has recently joined the cast of The Bernie Mac Show

Beverly Baker

Beverly Baker (Phyllis Katz) is Sanford's wife. She is a ditzy housewife in search of spiritual enlightenment. Her family is the most important thing in her life. Phillis Katz has appeared in Danielle Steel's 'Family Album' , and even the old TV series Wizards and Warriors.  She provided voices in Eddie Murphy's Doctor Dolittle, and teaches improv. Phiyllis appears in the new Formerly Famous pilot. The Wizards and Warriors website has an interview with Phyllis Katz

Tiffany Baker

Tiffany Baker (Heather-Elizabeth Parkhurst) is their 23 year old, well endowed daughter. She is quite empty headed, and is always trying some new business scheme, usually at the expense of her father. Heather-Elizabeth Parkhurst has appeared in the following films: The Granny, Beverly Hills Cop III , Silence of the Hams, Body of Influence, Conflict of Interest, and has recently completed Bikini Summer 3 . On the "boob tube" she has been seen on The George Carlin Show, Herman's Head, Married... with Children, Perversions of Science (episode: Boxed In). Heather was also a member of the The Swedish Bikini Team featured in beer ads back in 1991. . She appeared in Playboy twice: Aug. 91 (p. 128) and Jan 92 (p. 78) She also did a 1999 ad for Chinese Laundry Shoes. Heather appeared in the recent Formerly Famous pilot, and recently guest starred on NYPD Blue. Heather's has an adult oriented website

Tyler Baker

Tyler Baker (Jason Behr) is the Baker's son who thinks he is black. He acts black, hangs out with black people, and wants to be a rapper. Jason Behr can also be seen in the TV movie Alien Nation: Millennium, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer (episode: Lie To Me) He had a role in the ABC series Push, and on WB's Dawson's Creek. He currently stars in Roswell which moves to the UPN network this fall.  He recently completed a film with Kevin Spacey called "The Shipping News."

Check out his webpage
Jason Behr Online  .Jeff Bell has written a profile of Jason Behr

Kenny Baker

Kenny Baker (Kristoffer Ryan Winters) is the other Baker son. He is very right wing, always happy and worships Newt Gingrich. He has a very strong belief in God and guns. At the start of the second season, Kenny had departed for military college and was never heard of again. Kristoffer Ryan Winters appeared in the TV movie The Face on the Milk Carton and on Picket Fences. Most recently he appeared in Contact with Jodie Foster.


Doctor (Jeremiah Birkett) is a friend of Tylers from South Central L.A. who always hangs out at the Baker home. His real name is Marvin and he wants to be a rap artist. Jeremiah Birkett appeared in the movies Soldier Boyz and LA Confidential. On TV, he was seen in M.A.N.T.I.S., Seinfeld, and Police Acadamy:The Series, and recently, NYPD Blue.

E.W. Ziffren

E.W. Ziffren (Tyler Bearde) is a documentary filmmaker with a grant to film the Baker family. He loves his job and has the hots for Tiffiany. Tyler has done two pilots for Vin Di Bona, one called "Naked America" and the other "There it is.." He has appeared on the Nickelodeon show "On the Television" and hosted a dance show in England called "Bust a Move." Other roles have included the Mike Hammer (episode: Beat Street) , the movie "Final Voyage", and the Formerly Famous pilot He is a series regular on BET's "Comic View" and does stand up in the Los Angeles area

Tyler has prepared a presentation reel for Surviving Reality with the help of Phillis Katz and members of the Groundlings. Tyler describes the project as "basically an ongoing documentary on the making of a fictitious reality game show "Staying Alive," which is curiously similar to "Survivor." E.W.'s quest in this one was to discover the truth behind this reality show which he quickly discovers isn't so real."

Tyler Bearde's website.

Sheila Shane

Sheila Shane (Rochelle Swanson) was Sanford's mistress in the first season. She loved to spend his money. Rochelle Swanson has appeared in a number of films including Meet Wally Sparks, Droid Gunner, Hard Bounty, Illicit Dreams, Indecent Behavior II, Nightfire, Secret Games 3, and Sorceress. On TV she has appeared in Silk Stalkings. Rochelle can be seen in Deadly Outbreak, Hungry For Love on The Playboy Channel; and she recently guest-starred on the series Night Stand and High Tide.


Elena (Alex Meneses) is the over sexed maid from El Salvador. She doesn't care too much for the Bakers, but realizes how good she has it. She gets it on with various repairmen, delivery men, that visit the house. At the start of the second season, she had won the lottery and was gone. Alex Meneses has appeared the films Living In Peril and The Immortals. She was also in the TV movies Amanda & the Alien and Kissing Miranda. She also guested on The John Larroquette Show, Dr. Quinn, and Maximum Bob. Alex recently appeared in the movie The Flintstones Viva Rock Vegas

Billy Baker

Billy Baker (Peter Billingsly) is the son of Sanford's brother Danny. When his parents went to jail for securities fraud, he went to live with the Bakers. He is much like Kenny, in that he is very right wing, but just a bit smarter than Kenny was. Peter Billingsly is best know as the kid in A Christmas Story.  He recently produced film called "Made" with John Favreau and Vince Vaughn.
Ain't It Cool News has an interview with Peter Billingsly

Verna Maxwell

Verna Maxwell (Tane McClure) Sanford's mistress during the second season. She is into all sorts of sexual kinks, and shows up at the worst times. Tane McClure is the daughter of actor Doug McClure.  She has appeared in a number of B movies including Stripshow, Bikini Drive-In, Caged Hearts, Lap Dancing, Midnight Tease II , and Target of Seduction. Tane is filming a new movie called Interface, and she has completed an action flick co-starring Don "The Dragon" Wilson. She has also done two episodes of Night Stand.


Min Sung (Karen Kim) is the new maid. She is a psych student from Korea who does not get along with Tiffany. She runs a phone sex operation on the side. Karen Kim appeared in the movies Cover Me and The Power Within.  She recently  appeared in an episode of "V.I.P.". Karen is a former Miss Korea

Tina Carter

Tina Carter (Renee Tenison) is Tiffany's attractive black girlfriend. She is a constant foil for Tyler, and a sometime business partner for Tiffany. Renee Tenison has had minor parts in the movies CB4 and Shout. She was also a Playboy playmate (Nov. 89) and Playmate of the Year (1990)

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